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Torch Effect Lantern, price includes shipping & insurance


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Product Description


First introduced around Mardi Gras as the perfect centerpiece for Carnival use. People ask us all the time if our torch effect lantern was exposed to an open flame to result in its finish.  While a flame would produce the same effect, we use an acid wash to chemically & permanently change our 18 gauge steel metals to what is best described as a “rainbow effect.”  All four sides, top and bottom, will have a different color display if you choose this finish.  Some will have more copper, some more blues or tourquoise, purples, or reds.  When we love the effect, we stop & add an automotive clear coat to it so it is resistent to the elements.  Look on our ABOUT page for instructions about caring for your lantern.

Lantern base is 5″ square.  The lantern is made in two pieces.  From the bottom of the base to the point of the finial on top of the lid measures 18″.

Includes one North Peters Street Candle ™ chosen from amongst our available favorites (described on this website). CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE!




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