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North Peters Street Candles ™ 4 & 5 Candle Gift Packages & Available Scents


Product Description

Your favorite North Peters Street Candles™ fragrances with hand stamped wax seal in a beautiful organza gift bag! 8.25 oz glass tumblers with cotton wicks.

Just email us what scents you want to Upon payment receipt, we’ll pack them to your order. It is probable we have a lot more scents than what you see online, so, email Rita at the same address and she’ll send you a list of what we have.

All four including shipping for $58.00.  That brings your cost per candle to the French Market Quantity Price Reduction Price!  No tax if you ship out of state!

FIVE (including shipping) are only $69.00. . .and you can order those (or larger numbers) and pay online via a gift certificate!

Currently available scents are:

OUR FLORAL COLLECTION–DESIRE (magnolia & plumeria); PARASOL (tuberose & gardenia); LAGNIAPPE (either honeysuckle or stargazer lily); NOLASCENTS (ylang ylang in the mossy woods); and, WILL GARDEN (french lavender & frangipani).

OUR HOLIDAY SELECTION–POMADERE (orange & clove); RELISH (cranberry & coriander); REVEILLION (maple, brioche, bourbon, vanilla), NOLAMINT (chocolate & peppermint) and YAMBILEE (yam, ginger & coriander).

OUR COCKTAIL COLLECTION–BLUE DOG (whiskey top note) ; MINT JULEP (bourbon top note); BLUES (tobacco leaf topnote with a little cognac);  and, WHITE HANKIE (lime and cilantro). If you prefer wine, we have CHEERS (red currant & grape–aka MERLOT).

OUR NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION–TREME or CHANGE (currently a sandalwood base note with oak moss & patchouli) ; FAUBOURG MARIGNY (pomegranate, blackberry & sage combinations) ; NEUTRAL GROUND (currently a sweet olive basenote) ; FLAMBEAUX (lemongrass, whey grass, sage & lime); TEDDY’S FIG PRESERVES -(purple fig, lychee, kumquat, lime); BEIGNET (macademia nut, chicory, and french vanilla), SECOND LINE (kumquat fruit, orange, kumquat blossom), Creole (creole tomato & basil); FAIRGROUNDS (a leather/suede base note scent to remind you of the country’s oldest racetrack & attending Jazz Fest there).

For those who loved our former line, CHANGE is closest to TREME; CHEERS is like MERLOT; CREOLE is like LOUIS; DESIRE is like NO. 13 or MAGNOLIA; FLAMBEAUX is the most grassy; NOLAMINT is peppermint & chocolate; POMADERE is an orange with a clove; RELISH is a cranberry and coriander; REVEILLION is like BRIOCHE BREAD PUDDING; FIG is like EGYPTIAN FIG;  SECOND LINE is like TERRY’S KUMQUATS or URSULINES KUMQUAT; WILL GARDEN is like HOPE; and, YAMBILEE is a like YAM).

Some are brand new variations but, if you loved what you’ve always had from us, you’ll be happy.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.42 x 4.42 x 4.42 in


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