Fleur de Light Lanterns ™

Fleur de Light Lanterns ™

FLEUR DE LIGHT LANTERNS ™ (established 2012) are one of a kind, signed & numbered pieces handcrafted in New Orleans. Designed to be a companion to North Peters Street Candles ™, both are intended to bring NOLA to your home.

We are happy to offer three different Lantern gift package options & an event package (which may include a lantern or lanterns). As of today, we can also ship you as few as one or as many as 16 candles–your CHOICE of fragrance(s).

PLEASE NOTE: North Peters Street Candles ™ are individually hand poured & Fleur de Light Lanterns ™ are handcrafted. PRODUCTION TIMES VARY according to availability of raw materials.

Your order will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service or Fed Ex on a first come, first served basis.

While we’ll attempt to send your items to you within a few days, we ask you to order well in advance to ensure you’ll have what you need.

We appreciate your business and your patience! We are proud you have selected our “pieces of NOLA” as part of your special occasions & thank you for selecting our products as your gifts of choice (& for your PERSONAL reminders of N’awlins, too).

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