How To Help Your Fleur De Light Lantern™ Last

lantern in canadaSHADOWS


HELP YOUR FLEUR DE LIGHT LANTERN ™ become a lasting heirloom :
Along the way we’ve experimented & worked to perfect our Fleur de Light Lanterns ™. 
Here are some friendly tips on caring for them:
  • The lanterns are in two pieces. If you drop the lid on a hard surface the CAST IRON finial WILL break. If you drop &  scratch the lantern, the protective finish will gouge & be rendered useless–a lesson learned from hit & run accidents at the French Market. 
  • Tho the lanterns CAN withstand outside use they are not stainless steel & need a little bit of care. We suggest you dry them with a soft cloth when they get wet (this is what we do at the Market, where it rains most every afternoon for much of the year).
  •  We use a high grade automotive clearcoat (which we are upgrading).That finish is long lasting if well cared for. However, if  the protective surface is worn down or damaged OR if it is continuously exposed to the elements, it will eventually need to be refinished.
  • Remember, the lanterns CAN be used outside. However, we suggest you bring them inside or to a covered area in continuous inclement weather. An added bonus is, when you do bring them inside, you can enjoy the fleur de lis shadows cast on your walls and ceilings.
As with any piece of art, if cared for you can enjoy it for a lifetime and we hope it will be an heirloom.
Please pass this on to any gift recipients!!! Thanks everyone!
Rita & Mike