Here’s the story of North Peters Street Candles ™ & Fleur de Light Lanterns ™ , y’all

artsy market arches                  candle at Market

Hello from  NOLA!

Welcome to our redesigned website!

Both North Peters Street Candles ™ & Fleur de Light Lanterns ™ were initially introduced at the historic New Orleans French Market , where you can still find us most days.

North Peters Street Candles ™ is the next generation of one of the first soy candle companies in the world.  Through my association with the first generation company, I became familiar with all of the many vintage favorites my customers have grown to love throughout the past almost 14 years.

Today, I design the fragrances & packaging for the line & am the sole owner of the company. I also handpour each and every candle most of the time.  During the busy season, I depend upon the assistance of my master craftsman, Mike Giblin.  I have also hired and trained a couple of people who will assist me when we get busy.

If you’ve shopped with me before, you’ll notice we have recently changed our tradename to North Peters Street Candles ™ .  I chose that name to honor our birthplace–which is located on North Peters Street.

In March, 2012, I was  receiving daily requests from customers interested in buying my DISPLAY lanterns.  They were my personal collection, and I liked them enough to buy them myself!  However, they were made by machine, mostly in foreign countries. They were mainly glass or thin metals. They were not one of a kind, signed or numbered.

It’s a long story, but, finally,. I became interested in designing a lantern that could be made by hand here in NOLA.

Thus,  Fleur de Light Lanterns ™  was born.  By Christmas Eve Day 2012, the prototype lanterns had made their debut, and Master Craftsman Mike Giblin, III was on board.

.birth of lantern      fb cover 2 lanterns   shadow

Every day, we are fortunate to have customers visit us from throughout the world.

So many of you have come back to us through the years looking for an all-time favorite candles purchased long ago .  Because of my long time affiliation with my other candle line, I have been fortunate enough to still have many of the same raw materials suppliers.

You wouldn’t believe how many times someone tells me they have been hoarding a tiny bit of a favorite and long retired scent (in the form of a little wax at the bottom of a jelly jar).

Thus, we are proud to bring you North Peters Street Candles ™ so I can design scents similar to long time favorites. . .and bring brand new and exciting ones to you, too.

As for the Fleur de Light Lanterns ™ we are now recycling our metal cutouts in the form of ornaments and necklaces.  And we have expanded to make special nut and bolt finials, and new finishes to order.  All the while, we continue to cast shadows of NOLA’s symbol of rebirth–the fleur de lis–on walls and ceilings throughout the world.

THANK YOU for bringing us to the dance!

Rita Kranson Williams

French Quarter Candles VINTAGE & Fleur de Light Lanterns ™